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With the Gore Locker, the production of round work/spiral fittings have become a pleasure to manufacture.  Working hand in hand with the CNC Plasma cutter, the flat metal segments for all fittings are rolled to size and spot welded neatly. These rolled and welded segments then get assembled on the Gore Locker Combi T. Each segment gets interlocked with each other to ensure top quality and airtight locking of the finished product. Producing standing lockseam elbows, round bends and reducers has become a quick and easy process with the Spiro Gore locker Combi T.  The high flexibility is achieved by means of two separate workstations, namely a flanging station and a seam closing station.

The Gore Locker is always ready for operation and the standing seam reduces welding to just one longitudinal seam and improves rigidity.

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