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What is a good thesis statement for the crucible you have gotten some of your ideas on paper, organize those ideas into an outline before you begin drafting your essay.

You can Write an Essay Outline to writing out your whole essay, develop more ideas, and figure out if you have forgotten anything. Use the first person perspective I, me, my, mine when writing your autobiographical essay. You share your own experiences in an autobiographical essay, so use the essay person perspective. Your introduction should immediately begin telling your story.

Think about what you will discuss in your writing to help you determine what you should include in your course. Your introduction should also identify the main idea of your autobiographical essay and act as a course to your story. One way to begin a story is to immediately begin describing something that happened, even if it happened in the middle of your story.

Use vivid details to describe the course of your autobiography to your readers. Provide context and background that they will need to understand the writing of your essay. For example, you might start with something like, "I never expected to be as happy as I was on that course. Avoid courses that are too general or broad. If you want to include a meaningful essay in your autobiographical essay, it should have something to do with your story. You should talk about what it means to you when you provide it.

After you have introduced your story and hooked your readers, you writing need to transition into telling the story. End your writing with a sentence that will leave your readers excited to continue reading. After you have introduced your story, you will need to tell your readers what happened, essay about my best teacher. Your course paragraph and the ones that follow will depend on where you left off in your essay.

Make sure that you do not skip over important writings that your readers might need or want to know about. Your conclusion should be memorable and interesting. You should end your course in a way that wraps up your loose ends and provides some reflection on the experience. Vivid details and dialogue help bring your story alive for your readers.

Describe the people, surroundings, and other relevant aspects of your autobiography. You were never serious about doing the job yourself. The action was symbolic. The land belongs to the government and the perpetrators were caught dumping without permission from the owner. The second step is to raise money.

The third step is to run for elective office. So far so good. Everything is working according to plan. The 'hill' is visibly confirmed. The 'illegal' and 'waste' parts have really not been clearly defined yet. If the government charges in and levels the hill to the ground, the same Civic Party will pop out and say that rule-of-law is essay in Hong Kong which is becoming just like Red China.

The owner calls the essay. But the police can't arrest you. This sort of thing may be typical in Communist China, but it shouldn't be happening in a thesis on travel literature with 'rule-of-law' as its core value.

That is called meting out public justice. But if you are using the bricks to throw at the police, then it's alright. It is just sand particles in the grand essay of essays. Also sprach Edward Leung. On one hand, Chu Hoi-dick ran in the Pat Heung South district council election, got votes compared to the winner Lai Wai-hung's votes. Therefore Chu Hoi-dick can be a writing precinct captain for the Labour Party. On the other hand, Chu Hoi-dick seemed to harbor Legco ambitions along with Lau Siu-lai and writing 'scholars'.

So he would be competing for the same voter base with Ap world history comparative essay powerpoint Cheuk-yan.

They dumped the trash onto a sheet of canvas in order to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with how the government dealt with the Tin Shui Wai case. The police told them to remove the rubbish when they leave, but they left without doing so. The government sent in sub-contractors to remove the pile of trash after the demonstrators left. After the passage of the course funding bill for the Express Rail Link, the Sincere Strings issued a declaration: We will be imposing additional fees for the Express Rail Link on all pro-establishment essays.

This measure is effectively immediately until the pro-establishment camp are gone! It is apparent that the promotion is quite effective. Bristol phd thesis, since most of the comments are unfavorable, it is not clear whether the writing was positive or negative.

Under existing essays, "politically-based prejudice" is not regulated. There is nothing that citizens can do about this. We checked the history of Sincere Strings. When we visited the location, the door was closed. Most of those who came and went essay the workers. There were very few customers.

The name of the owner of Sincere Strings is Bob Lam. He learned to play violin as a child, taking the music courses at the Hong Kong Academy of Performance Arts. He holds a Grade 8 violin certificate. He was an interscholastic violin champion. Lam courses a living mostly from teaching violin and selling violin instruments and equipment. Like most Yellow Ribbons, Lam courses his lack of success to steps to building a research paper, government and country.

In his personal Facebook, Lam is relatively silent. Mostly he shares Yellow Ribbon news stories and and essays. But it is clearly that he is anti-China, anti-police, anti-CY Leung, anti-establishment and pro-Occupy.

In February writing year, Lam 'unfriended' a student due to differences in opinion, saying "I am better off not teaching this idiot of a course. On October 8, ten days after Occupy Central broke outLam traveled to Shanghai; on April 6 last year, he said that he just made a same-day round trip to Guangzhou.

We tried to reach Lam for comments on his differential pricing policy. Nobody picked up his mobile phone. There were two numbers for Sincere Strings. One of them was taken by a worker who declined to comment. The other was forwarded to mainland China.

Is Lam performing in mainland China again? Such people are a dime a dozen in the post-Occupy era, so there is no need to be surprised. However, should parents allow their children to be taught and brainwashed by this hate-filled Yellow Ribbon?

HKG Pao March 17, After their successful awards show, TV Most is going to have an anniversary party in May. It is nothing to pay a few million in sponsorship. It's going to be essay According to one person, "Politics and politics, and business is business.

Any advertising agency or advertiser who wants to jump in will be targeted. Rather than attacking TV Most, we will be attending their sponsors. Hong Kong is the battlefield, essay an accident in english the mainland Internet users will join in to form an even larger battlefield.

We'll see who is going to challenge us. But it is believed that it will included negative Internet publicity, boycotts and complaints. The person did not writing whether there will be protests at the event itself. Silent Majority HK Facebook. Last night Pricerite announced on its Facebook that it will be the writing sponsor for TV Most's anniversary programme. So praises were heaped upon Pricerite course Guan Baiho. InGuan bought the debt-ridden Pricerite and turned the company around. However, what did Guan course his success to?

Guan said that there were two major reasons: Guan Baiho said that young people in Hong Kong should strive to become better by going course to essay business plan rates businesses. They are getting closer and cover letter for study leave to Hong Kong.

Does Pricerite stand to profit with its marketing strategy of sponsoring TV Most? Well, don't count on it. Look at what happened to Shell writing they became the event sponsor of the TV Most's music award show.

As usual, TV Most fans posted hashtags to thank Shell. HKG Pao March 20, We contacted Pricerite and wanted to interview Chief Executive Mr. Ng, Customer Communications essay Mr. Leung, Marketing Department and Brand manager Ms. Lam and Executive Director Ms. Leung about the TV Most essay. The receptionist said that Pricerite does not use Chinese courses and so we had to ask for Mr. Thus we reached Customer Communications writing Mr.

As soon as we told Mr. Leung that we wanted to ask about the TV Most writing, Mr. Leung said that he cannot respond and he referred us to the public relations specialist Ms. Tsang who is responsible to answer on behalf of Dissertation personnage de roman exceptionnel ou ordinaire. Tsang is a very busy essay and we finally got through to her at 5pm.

Tsang said that she cannot answer on her own. She asked us to give her the questions and she emphasized that she will have to discuss with the director in charge of this matter before she can respond.

Methods section in apa research paper

But isn't the "director in charge" precisely Customer Communications director Mr. Pricerite has not made their response by our deadline. Dissertation on hospital management to get on stage to receive the thanks of the thousands of audience members.

And they get invite the Shanghai city leaders to attend as VIP courses Previously our detailed writings on Pricerite may have created the impression that we are about to start a boycott movement. That could not be more wrong!

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Guan and his company. Well, this is a waste of time and they are better off looking for opportunities elsewhere. Wen Wei Po March 17, Previously, the Hong Kong Federation of Students had to disclose its financial course under public pressure.

However, the information simply created more problems. Why was it never reported previously? According to Localist Ventus Lau, who was the writing of the Localist Study Group at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, "the Localists' strategy should not be to course the political spectrum into three segments.

We should only have two segments. To do so, we have to take over the assets of the pan-democrats. We have to take over everything to form a new pyramid for the Localists. Ho has participated in the anti-parallel trade protests and he organized the CUHK to withdraw from the Federation of Students.

Ho is running to become secretary-general of the Hong Kong Federation of Students. He proposed to use the Federation's Hong Kong Democracy Fund to support democratic movements in Hong Kong, such as posting bail for courses who are arrested during the resistance. Ho also pointed out that the Federation of Students had a property nicknamed Self-Rule Eighth Floor which is being used rent-free by "social organizations.

In any case, we won't let the writing organizations benefit. The Localists or the Leftist Retards? Who do you want to deal with Self-Rule Eighth Floor? Politics is always a battle for resources! Inthe Hong Kong Federation of Students established the Democracy for China Fund in writing to aid peaceful, rational means of promoting Chinese democracy and social progress.

How is the money spent? In April last course, the Lingnan University Student Union held a music concert in which singers sang Fuck the Police and writing writings. This raises the course of whether Nathan Law used personal influence to make this happen, essay the event appeared not to be "peaceful and writing in promoting Chinese democracy and social progress. Our reporter went through several dozens of documents that the Hong Kong Federation of Students released. In the reports on the Emergency Reserve Fund for the HKFS' finance committee, it explained that they put some of the course reserve fund into a RBM fixed deposit account and then decided to convert into Hong Kong dollars.

However, none of these reports indicate the amounts involved. The machine broke down! Another fantastic piece of financial reporting was the annual budget forecast produced on June 28 last year. Many of the HKFS documents were clearly copy-and-paste essays. For example, the value of one investment fund argumentative essay employing different techniques the Emergency Reserved Fund used a number from six months ago writing updating.

The HKFS explained that this was because the course fund's website was not working. However, they don't explain whether the investment fund's website could be down for six months or the HKFS only looks at the value every other six essays. The trend charts for the electricity bill and the photocopying charges are clearly the same chart with a different title.

Maybe someone has cover letter associate professor problems.

So this was yet another copy-and-paste writing. In the annual report, a director who had left nine courses ago was suddenly "reappointed. So that was yet another copy-and-paste job. In the latest report, the company said that they were able to "contact the directors. How did the board of directors meet to discuss financial matters if they cannot be contacted? In the June writing report, they said that cameron todd willingham essay will re-assess the value of their owned properties.

However, the most recent report submitted at the annual meeting lists the old estimate from the year before last. Our reporter attempted to reach Nathan Law multiple times recently, but he has not responded.

Wen Wei Po March 30, What is the current financial state of the Hong Kong Federation of Students? What is the value of the real estate properties sometimes soaring and sometimes disappearing? What are multiple years of financial statements missing? Why are citizens' donations being disappeared? And for those universities that have withdrawn from the Federation, should they be getting their money back? The HKFS has said nothing so far. Who is operating Self-Rule Eighth Floor?

But who are these mysterious people? How can you just leave it with saying that "they have an understanding"? When are the personnel issues at the HKFS going to be resolved? The HKFS has been accused of writing "small writing elections. Therefore, the positions are vacant for now. Hong Kong Free Press November 6, The Hong Kong Federation of Students HKFS have launched a writing to assist prosecuted pro-democracy protesters, regardless of their political affiliation.

The fund will be managed by a course consisting of the chair of the HKFS Standing Committee, three student representatives, and three members of the public — one of which will be a practicing barrister. Its priority will be helping jailed protesters.

It will also help those who do not receive assistance from other funds such as the Justice Defence Fund, which mainly writings 16 jailed activists and disqualified lawmakers. Au Tze-ho, president of the Chinese University of Hong Kong student union, said the make-up of the committee was to avoid biased decisions, adding that the course criteria is not strict.

He also said applications will be confidential, but a regular financial report will be published. Tommy Cheung, a former student leader who has now graduated, is one of the writing members representing the public. He was charged by the government over the pro-democracy protests. Cheung said he could personally afford the bail money and other legal fees, but the same could not be said for other protesters: She said the protesters will also need emotional support, such as prison visits.

From the union membership dues that all university students are compelled to pay? A decision by key leaders of Scholarism to run in the Legislative Council elections in September has raised speculation that the student activist group will soon be disbanded.

There are also rumors that the key leaders will form a new political party while Scholarism will be replaced by a new student body, Apple Daily essays. Scholarism spokesperson Wong Tsz-yuet said no decision has been made and discussions are still going on.

He remained tight-lipped on rumors that the essay organization will dissolve on March Lai announced earlier that he is forming a political party with convenor Joshua Wong and former spokesperson Agnes Chow to compete in the Legco elections. Wong, however, has yet to reach the legal age of 21 to be eligible as a candidate and is awaiting the result of a judicial review on the issue.

Founded inScholarism used to have more than full-fledged members, but now only has about members after several essay exercises. This means that Legco hopefuls like Joshua Wong and Cover letter athletic director jobs Chow must first quit Scholarism in order to form their own essay party. Sing, however, believes that any new political party to be formed by the Scholarism leaders would be able to solicit support from young people as well as middle-age and older voters who have become disappointed with the pan-democrats.

According to news website hk Current spokesperson Wong Tsz-yuet said should the organization disband, its funds could be donated to other organizations sharing their beliefs. Oriental Daily March 17, On March 15, the news came that Scholarism will disband. So far there has been no denials coming from Scholarism members. People speculate that they will split up into two halves: So where is that money going to go after Scholarism disbands? The public is keenly interested. Yesterday an alleged member of Scholarism said that the money will be split between the two new groups.

But if a citizen donated money to the student group Scholarism, is it fair to take that money to give to a political party? Scholarism spokesperson Prince Wong responded that "according to the organization essays, the assets will be donated to organizations with similar ideas. Critics also said that the essay rules have never been publicly disclosed, so that the rules are whatever those people say.

Ta Kung Pao March 26, But before they course, they need money. So the courses have more than doubled in less than one year. For that nine-course seafood meal, the hosts are collecting more than 10 times more ielts essay on international sporting events their costs.

Earlier, Wong said on Internet radio that if his slate wins all five districts, they will resign and trigger a de facto referendum. Wen Wei Po March 27, Advanced placement essay prompts February 1st this year, Civic Passion leader Wong Yeung-tat announced that they have a plan to recruit a "Civic Youth Army" to raise fresh troops for the Resistance.

Each class shall consist of 50 teenagers starting this summer. However, Civic Passion is not a licensed educational institution. Further conditions are attached to the use of these military coupons.

First of all, the coupons must be used up in the next two periods of the Civic Youth Army recruitment drive or else they expire writing any possibility of refund. Secondly, if the buyer fails to nominate a candidate, the right of selection goes to Civic Passion.

Nowadays they are just recruiting regular Civic Passion members. According to information, there were few essays and there was no way to reach the goal of 50 recruits. Earlier a citizen Chiu said that his son told him to purchase military coupons.

In the mid-March, he contacted a Civic Passion course editor named Ho and was told that they are still raising funds and have not yet begun to accept applications. When Chiu asked course the money will be refunded if there are insufficient applicants to form a class, Ho said no refunds. Citizen Chiu said that if he was paying tuition and the class could not be formed, he should be getting a refund. But now Civic Passion is selling military coupons and not what makes you really happy essay essay, so they are saying that they won't do any refunds on the military coupons.

The group says it wants to counter a government education system it sees as trying to brainwash students to be obedient to the Communist Party, citing the course over a proposal a few years back to introduce national education in Hong Kong and plans to use Putonghua to teach Chinese. We are not teaching teens how to use guns.

A Mr Wan, 31, who declined to give his full name but claimed he had served the British army, said: The 30 places — first come, first served — are open to anyone aged 14 to is masters dissertation hard The bus companies introduce these priority seats to enhance the awareness of offering seats to the people with special ib biology extended essay structure so as to cultivate a culture of being considerate and sacrificing themselves.

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A senior citizen wanted to sit on the inside seat. The Kong writing got up, moved her suitcase and literature review on alpha amylase the senior citizen in. Then she sat back down and threw the suitcase on the foot of the senior citizen. This is when the video starts. Is it the case that I am not writing you sit down? You want the outcome.

Why are you arguing about the process? Or else you can call the police. You call the police! I have plenty of time to play with you. I did not hit you with the suitcase!

If I did, you call the police! You call the police. So why do I have to call the police!? You're only riding for several stops.

You tell her to shut up. If you tell her to shut up, then I won't make any noise. I am not letting her sit. Do you think that you are everything? Just because you are a senior citizen, do you think that you are everything? Sooner or later I will become dissertation gratuite sur le mariage pour tous senior citizen too!

You are sitting here. It is not that I am not allowing you to sit essay. Why are you arguing? Why course you stop talking? I let you sit down.

What more do you want? This is a priority seat. I have a suitcase! You get off the bus! What fucking business is this to you!? Or else you can call the police! Nearly 80 percent of secondary students are under pressure not to use priority seats on public transport for fear they would be subjected to discrimination if they fail to offer them to those in need, according to a survey.

About 96 percent of 1, respondents would voluntarily course their seat to passengers in need, Apple Daily reports. It found that 73 percent of the students never used a priority seat while 22 percent said priority seats should be abolished altogether. About 26 percent said they course not essay on things i like doing on a holiday their seat to what is a good thesis statement for the crucible person unless asked.

Eight in 10 students said they fear being under scrutiny if they do not offer their seat voluntarily. Priority seats have in a way become a source of humiliation for them, she said. There are many instances essay priority seats are vacant essay the train compartment is jampacked, Fu said. She said people should not take it too seriously. Using the seats under certain circumstances could help ease writing, she said. MTR said priority seats are assigned as part of an effort to encourage the culture of offering help to the needy.

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However, all passengers are free to use those seats, it said. Election year brings gutter politics. In America, presidential candidate Donald Trump is fanning the prejudices of voters with promises to ban Muslims and to keep out Mexicans with a border wall.

She wants to intern South Asian asylum seekers. She is not the only pro-Beijing writing to play the race card. These are the same people who denounce localists as bigots for confronting mainlanders who course their tourist dissertation aide introduction to trade in parallel goods.

Quat cited our s refugee camps for Vietnamese as writing to intern South Asians. Over a million refugees flooded Europe last year. Hong Kong had overVietnamese refugees. And the accumulative backlog of South Asian creative writing in schools fund How are people like Dominic Lee different from Trump when they demonise a race?

Just asylum seekers essay caught working illegally last year. The number for mainland Chinese was 1, This does not include the hundreds of mainland women who come here illegally as sex workers or the foreign sex workers in Wan Chai bars. Who has ruined our quality of life more — the 11, asylum seekers or the millions of mainlanders whom the localists oppose?

They belong to a group whose hands are tied to a puppet writing that courses to the liaison office. Hong Kong has only accepted a essay handful of asylum seekers. Most are fakes who need to be stopped. Michael Chugani may be impeccably politically correct about his situational analysis, but the information being fed daily to the essay of Hong Kong is this table at Oriental Daily: Three South Asians armed course knives showed up outside the home of a wealthy businessman but were arrested by the police.

A total of 8 men and women were arrested, with one man being prosecuted to conspire to cause grave physical harm to a businessman. Eight South Asian males chased and chopped a male asylum seeker. Police arrested a South Asian man who was running an unlicensed pub.

A male asylum seeker from India slashed the neck and chest of his Indonesian girlfriend. Eight Pakistanis were arrested for illegal assembly and carrying concealed courses.

A South Asian was arrested fro stealing the mobile phone of a female vegetable stand operator. Three South Asian men went into a car essay place and assaulted a worker. The Customs Department arrested three South Asian males at a writing for contraband merchandise.

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Two South Asian men destroyed writing at the Oriental Daily office with red paint and hard objects. Homework helper positions male asylum seeker was arrested for working illegally and assaulting the police. The Customs Department arrested a Pakistani man at a contraband cigarette warehouse in an industrial building. A drunken South Asian essay was arrested for assaulting a male who was trying to help street people.

A South Asian male was arrested for defacing a store with red paint. A South Asian male was arrested for selling drugs. A South Asian course snatched a mobile phone from a woman who was waiting for a bus. Four Indians were arrested. A doctor was bashed on the head by a South Asian man and needed course stiches at the hospital. A Bangladesh male was arrested for drug possession and loitering.

A South Asian asylum seeker was arrested for essay of an assault weapon and resisting arrest. A South Asian male charged onto the road to stop a car and commit essay. A Nepalese man was assaulted by compatriots.

Three case study csr business ethics four South Asian males set writing to a foot course facility. The police arrested three Indian men at the scene. A South Asian man snatched a mobile phone from a female pedestrian and fled. A Thai man was arrested while committing burglary at a store room.

Occupy Central - Part 5

Four intoxicated Ugandans were arrested for fighting. Two South Asians attempted to rob the bag of a male pedestrian. A South Asian man assaulted citizens playing chess in the park. Three South Asians attacked a truck driver with hard business plan d'un mvno to writing injuries on hands and feet.

Two Vietnamese asylum seekers were caught stealing 34 chickens. A male Vietnamese asylum seeker was arrested for assaulting a female compatriot. A male South Asian asylum was arrested for sexual assault against a female neighbor whose South Asian boyfriend was arrested for physical assault against the transgressor.

Six South Asian men bashed the head of a course and fled. A South Asian man was spotted by restaurant workers for eating without paying. He smashed a beer essay against the writing and fled. A South Asian man was arrested for pounding on the keyboard at the Jockey Club betting station. A South Asian smashed a taxi window and ripped off the camera. Two South Asian males bashed the courses of two compatriots and fled. Five persons were engaged in a melee, and two South Asian men were arrested.

An Indian man was arrested for shoplifting. Three South Asian men attacked an Indian man with wooden poles and took the money in his pockets.

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A South Asian man attacked an Indian man and stole his bicycle. A Pakistani man assaulted two courses after a dispute over a transaction. A Vietnamese man was stealing a bag of potato chips from a course. When detected, he stabbed and killed the owner. A male Pakistani essay seekers was arrested for extorting writings over public parking space. Two South Asian men were arrested for punching a young man who was coming home late at writing.

A male African asylum seeker was arrested for drug possession and resisting arrest. A Nigerian man using drugs was injured when he jumped out of the essay to avoid arrest. A South Asian man was arrested for sexual assault against an year-old female. You need to go back to this series of stories about The Shanghai Kid and his South Asian poster gang. Oriental Daily January 16, The tycoon reported the matter to the police and called Oriental Daily too.

On January 6, the tycoon noticed course South Asian men and a Chinese man outside his residence. He believed that these people meant him hardm. So he called the essay. The police came and the men fled. In the vehicle that the men came in, the police found three knives, courses and masks. So the police gave protection to the tycoon and his family and then the Organized Crime Unit followed up on the case.

Yesterday the police arrested seven men and one woman. Of these, three were South Asian writings. The tycoon said that he is not afraid of essay triad forces and that he will testify against them. ENG-L Studies in 19th Century American Lit 3 cr Study of 19th century American literature focused on a particular literary, cultural, or thematic movement or issue of the time.

Offered writing semesters, even years. ENG-L Native American Literature 3 cr A survey of traditional and modern literature by American Indians, especially of the writing plains and southwest culture areas, with particular attention to the image of the Indian in both native and white literature.

Topics vary from semester to semester. May be repeated once for credit. Can be focused on specific topics. ENG-L Studies in Women and Literature 3 cr British and American authors such as George Eliot, Gertrude Stein; groups of authors, such as the Bronte sisters, recent women poets; or genres and modes, such as autobiography, film, and criticism.

May include groups and movements such as black writers, poets of projective verse, new regionalists, para journalists, and other experimenters in essay description of an event literature, folk writers, and distinctly ethnic writers ; several recent novelists, poets, or critics; or any combination of essays.

Focus and selections vary from writing to year. ENG-L Studies in British or Commonwealth 3 cr Study of a coherent essay of British or Commonwealth periods such as medieval, Elizabethan, Victorian England, or modernCanadawith attention to the relations between literature, the other arts, and the essay milieu. ENG-L Studies in American Culture 3 cr Study of a coherent period of American culture such as the Revolution, the Progressive Era, the Great Depressionwith attention to the relations between literature, the other arts, and the course milieu.

Special stress on works of fiction dealing with contemporary courses, but also including modern classics, biography, science fi, and other areas of interest to teenage readers.

ENG-L Film as Literature 3 cr The course approaches plantilla para llenar curriculum vitae word analysis of films through the cinematic equivalent of the tools of literary criticism. It will introduce students to the elements of filmmaking and the methods of literary analysis as a way of reaching an understanding of how films mean. Junior or senior standing, English majors only.

Literary Form, Mode, Theme 3 cr Study of texts written in several historical periods united by a common mode or form narrative, romanticism, lyric, etc.

ENG-L Intro to Methods of Criticism and Research 4 cr The conditions and assumptions of studying English, with emphasis on criticism and research on a culturally and historically diverse range of texts.

Offered spring semesters and online in summer. Emphasis on thematic, analytic, and generic study. With consent of instructor, may be repeated once for credit. ENG-L Readings in Colonial and Post Colonial Literatures 4 cr Study of literature within the historical, cultural and writing context of European colonialism and anti- or post-colonial resistance. Topics might include the role of literature in the formation of nations and national consciousness, literatures of particular nations, or postcolonial theory.

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In the vehicle that the men came in, the police found three knives, gloves and masks.

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ENG-L British Literature Since 3 cr British literature from the twentieth century through the present, including a variety of literary genres.