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FAQ’s when buying an Air Conditioner

1. Why do I need an air conditioner?

People buy air conditioners for comfort. Air conditioners give you the ability to control the temperature in a room or office – leaving you feeling refreshed, more active and productive.

2. Can I afford an air conditioner?

Air conditioners have generally been seen as unaffordable, luxury items. New suppliers entering the market and new technologies has left customers with enough options to suit their specific air conditioning needs, style and budget.

Factors that will affect your initial investment are:

  • The Brand – Through solid supplier relationships with suppliers, Airvent has room for constructive negotiation that ultimately benefits your pocket.
  • The type, size and capacity of air conditioning unit
  • The complexity of the installation – Complicated installations with long piping runs will generally increase the installation cost

With expert advice and proper planning your can choose the unit right for you. Can you afford an air conditioner? Yes you can!!!

3. Which type of air conditioner do I need?

Airvents’ team of trained professionals can assist you in identifying the unit that best suits your need. Air conditioners come in four main types: window units, through the wall units, portable units and whole house/central air units. You need a unit with the right capacity and functions to optimally control the temperature of your home or office.

Some factors to consider are:

  • The size of the room(s), as well as the wall and ceiling space available
  • The number of people in the room
  • Heat load generated from direct sunlight, electrical appliances and lighting in the room
  • Ventilation of fresh air into the room
Different types of Air Conditioners
Console & Window/Wall units Ideal for small rooms, apartments or offices with no wall space to mount an air conditioner. The air conditioner is generally mounted through a window.
Mid Wall Split units Ideal for single rooms or offices with ample wall space to mount an air conditioner.
Under Ceiling units Ideal for large rooms or offices with limited wall and ceiling space for an air conditioner. The air conditioner is mounted under the ceiling.
Ceiling Cassettes units Ideal for large open areas (e.g. retail stores, restaurants and offices) with ample ceiling space. The air conditioner is mounted in the ceiling.
Hide Away units Ideal when one air conditioning units is used to cool/ heat multiple rooms or offices. The unit is installed in the ceiling with ducting channeling air into separate rooms.
Multi Mode units Ideal when multi rooms or offices have to be air conditioned. One condenser (outdoor unit) is connected to multi indoor units.

4. Can I save money and install my own air conditioner?

The correct installation of an air conditioning unit is crucial for its optimal performance, lifespan and warranty purposes. During installation the following must happen:

  • The indoor and outdoor unit mounted neatly, correctly and securely
  • Correct laying and installation of copper piping, electrical cables and communication cables between the two units
  • Connecting of the drainage pipe to channel condensate water away from the indoor unit to the outside of the building
  • Checking of the gas pressure for possible leaks on the piping

It is advised that the installation is done by an expert professional. Trusting Airvent for a professional installation will save you money in the long run, add value to your home and leave you completely satisfied.

5. What about maintenance and maintenance costs?

The general maintenance and costs thereof are very much dependant on how well you look after your air conditioning unit. Air conditioner problems are easily avoided by doing some simple maintenance. Keep the filter and coils clean or replace them as recommended by the manufacturer. Add years to your air conditioners’ life span by using an authorised dealer for major and minor services.

6. Which special features and benefits should I look for in an air conditioner?

The latest air conditioners are packed with hi-tech features aimed at increasing comfort levels, saving energy and reducing maintenance costs. You should expect the unit to have an adjustable thermostat, at least two cooling speeds, two fan speeds and an energy efficient setting, which stops the fan when the unit is not cooling. The unit should have an adjustable vent, which allows you to aim the cool air. The filter should be easily accessible for removal and cleaning. You want a manufacturer’s warrantee for at least 3 years, with full replacement for at least 1 year. Ask our sales representatives about some of the following features:

  • Inverter compressors for energy efficiency
  • Heat pumps for heating and cooling capabilities
  • R410a gas for environmental friendliness
  • Neo plasma and Photocatalytic deodorising filters for cleaner and healthier air
  • Motion sensors for “intelligent” functioning, only working when somebody walks into the room
  • Auto diagnosis & self-test functions that notifies you when a problem occurs on the unit
  • Self cleaning mode that reduces the build up of mould and reduces bad odors

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